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P R I O R  
based in Auckland, New Zealand.
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Vintage Clothes and Street wear Since 2015


We have been offering vintage dress shirts, selective premium vintage, street wear and limited sneakers to our customers since 2015.


At Prior Store we don't only offer a wide range of vintage and street wear brands, we also offer the option of selling/consigning to our customers. This means that if you are looking to sell limited or exclusive street wear/sneakers, we have options for how you can submit to do this.


With consignment we work as the middleman to get your items sold. You bring the items by our store, a quick evaluation takes place and we work out a value that you will receive when your items sell. Once we agree on a price then the items will be available in-store and online, once the item sells the agreed value will be transferred to you by online banking.


You can bring your items into our store, where a quick evaluation will take place, if the item is accepted we will then work out a price for your items.

Online Selling/Consignment

We also offer an online form for sellers unable to make it into our store you can find this here Our staff will assist you over email to evaluate your items and offer pricing accordingly.